This is my peace sign in Santa Cruz, CA.
Welcome to Signs of Peace

The idea for this website came to me as I was hanging my peace sign on the front porch of my house. I had noticed that there were many other houses with them in my town, as well as on businesses and cars, (and just about everywhere) and I thought that by paying attention to the variety and creativeness of where and how they were discovered, that perhaps we could all give the concept a bit more time in the spotlight. My focus is not on the political aspect of peace, though some photos will certainly highlight that; rather it is about the general prescence of this symbol that means so much to so many.

As you browse through the different categories I have created, you will notice that there are few photos in some of them, and still fewer in others. That is why I need your help! Please keep an eye out for images of peace, whether they be on a bumper of a car, or proudly displayed in the window of a home or business. Introduce yourself to the person wearing a t-shirt with the peace sign on it and ask if you could take their picture for this website - it helps spread the word and you might make a new friend in the process.

High quality photos are not required - personal effort is, however. Cell phone cameras work fine, and even though I have a shmancy-fancy Canon SLR Digital camera, I still take many of these pictures with my cell phone, as often it is way more convenient.

Send your photos to me at this email address:

Click on this photo of John Cowan, with Adam to check out a whole bunch of peace signs at Merlefest 2007, in North Carolina.