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Peace in PA

Rick Zeek sends this photo - taken in Mocanaqua, PA.

Rosemary's Porch
This sign is circularly supported by a wagon wheel found by
Frank, aought he would have like that i PTSD Vietnam Vet who was living in the woods.
My friend Gail tht ended
up as a Peace Sign on my deck in Ben Lomond, Ca.
I think of him when I am enjoying my deck

Sent in By Rosemary. Thank you.

Dawn Olds sent this one in. She and her brother (next picture) have had peace signs on their house every night since 2009. They have designed and created peace signs that can be seen at:


Dawn Olds sent this in of her brother's house.


This was seen on a railing of a home.


Larry Clayman sent this in from San Rafael. Thank you so much!


Zac MacDougall sent this in. Thanks!
Madeline and Mickey Tomlinson's house
in Santa Cruz, CA.


This is my house in Santa Cruz, CA.
Near Sweet Valley, PA I passed a charming little cottage, very different from the others houses in the area; new construction, but made from locally milled siding with the bark still on it. Outside in the clearing were little red Japanese maples, ferns, and river rock. There in the middle of it all was a buddha overlooking the garden and the river beyond.

I had to stop and meet the person who lived there. I imagined several possibilities of whom this might be: a young writer perhaps, a new couple from a big city seeking some peacefullness. I met neither.

After explaining why I stopped and knocked on the door, I learned that Jim was a disabled veteran returning to the land of his youth. He explained that he was a practicing Buddhist, for to claim oneself as a Buddhist was to not be a Buddhist any more, as one is always practicing...

He loved it there, and built this house with timber from his property- the property he loved as a child.

He used to be a biker in either the best or the worst biker gang, depending on how you look at it. He lived in Albequerque, New Mexico but it was simply not to compare with the forest and the river - the river who's rocks he had carried up to his garden.

He also said that he was exposed to Agent Orange while in the war, adding that "it never happened", as if quoting the officlal government reports.

He also told me that from that exposure he had skin cancer and only expected to live another year or two.

I am glad I stopped.

A house on the Westside of Santa Cruz, CA.
On a little country road in Sweet Valley, PA.
"Peace in the Valley"

This is the peace sign that exposed such idiocy in Colorado - neighbors calling it a sign of satan.... (sigh)