Merlefest was great!
For those of you who don't know about this festival, in short, it is the greatest Bluegrass/Americana festival around. Held in North Carolina, it features the best of the best musicians in the world. While there, I was pleased with the wonderful number of peace signs displayed here and there. By no means did I get them all, but here are a few.

Do you have any peace signs for this site?
Please send them to me along with whatever comments about the photo you want added.

Let's display them all here on this website and together watch how signs of peace can manifest itself around the world.

Please send them to:

Right photo:
John Cowan mugs for a shot with a fan.

I had unsuccessfully tried to get a photo of John earlier showing the peace sign to me, but my cell phone camera didn't work. Later, after another show, I caught this shot of him with a kid wearing a peace sign.
Total peace signs this photo: 3

After I posted this photo, the father of this kid, who I will now respectfully refer to as Adam, emailed me not only the photo they took with John (as I was taking mine - upper left) but also one with Adam and John Paul Jones... as in the bass player from Led Zepplin! (upper right)

Many thanks to Adam and his dad, Tim.

These three photos of stained glass peace signs are from the Mountain Family Stained Glass Booth.

Very nice people and I am very happy to say that they had a lot of peace signs to choose from.

Walking down from the camping area - I looked down and saw that someone had dropped a glove.

- This is exactly how I found it!

It's a little hard to see, but this nice woman gladly posed for a picture of her peace sign in front of the Creekside Stage where we had just seen Doc Watson perform.

At the Creekside Stage, I looked ahead of me and noticed this kid's shoes.

This is a SAND SCULPTURE!!!!!!!!
Created by a group called Sandy Feat, this is created over a period of four days. There are at least four peace signs in this artwork.

Some of my friends at the Main Stage area!!!

As I was taking the photo to the left, this guy walks by! Thank you!!!

This kid was a great! Thanks for posing for this picture!!!

Inside the Expo tent at the Gibson Booth!

At the Americana Stage watching Laurie Lewis. Thanks!

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Someone wrote to me and said that where they lived, there weren't many peace signs.
I offer a challenge. Look around and see if there aren't any other signs of peace:Tranquility, people helping people...
We don't need politicians to make peace - we can make it ourselves.

Send me your photos - or if you would prefer, write me your stories of how you observe peace in action.

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