There are a lot of of pictures to be taken, so grab a camera or cell phone and start shooting! Send your pics to:

Peace on the Beach

Attached is a photo posted on Facebook by the Canaveral National Seashore sent in by Mary Kennan. Thank you.

Peaceful Root

Imagine walking along and seeing this sign of peace on the trail, as did Elaine Hander. See the picture to the right to see it close up. Thanks Elaine, for sending it in.

Peaceful Root Close Up

Elaine Hander sends in this close up of "The Peaceful Root" along a path she frequents.

"Peace Kid" sent in by David Curry.
(May not be used without permission:


Sent in by The Dog Lady - thanks!

Some peaceful merchandise sent in by Gary Cunningham.

More peaceful merchandise - thanks Gary Cunningham.

And still some more merch. Thanks, Gary Cunningham

This peace rose was sent in by Madaline Tomlinson of Santa Cruz , California. Thank you!

This is the "Unified Peace Logo" sent in by Peter Melton. Please go to his website to hear all about how he came up with this idea. He has a wonderful video that I really enjoyed watching. Visit:

This pertinent bit of info sent in by Peter and Donna Thomas of Santa Cruz, CA
(I put it in sideways so it could remain larger.)

Business card sent to me by Peter and Donna Thomas while in Minneapolis. Thanks!

Robbie Barbour sends this image of "Peace Over the San Lorenzo River" from Santa Cruz, CA.

Debbie Topping (Harbor High alumni) sent this in from the Kinetic Race in Humbolt. Sounds fun!

Michal Lauren sent this in, thanks! mmmmmm.... pizza.....

Homer Simpson's signature.

Homer Simpson's attic.

Jimmy Porter sent this one in from Dolores Park, San Fransisco, CA.

This was the kind of doodle I used to do in grammar school.

From the show, "Family Guy" - one of my favorites.

The wonderful John Cowan at Merlefest.

The lighted boat parade in Santa Cruz, CA.

"Peace Tomato" by Ellen Farmer of Santa Cruz, CA.

Yummy chocolate peace treats presented to me on my birthday by Elaine Hander.

Pagosa Springs - this was the reaction to the stupid homeowner's associtatioin that thought a person's peace sign was "the sign of satan."

Paul Sterling and his "peace tree." Click here for story.

The Quaker meeting house in Santa Cruz, CA.

On the register of "The Kind Grind" coffeeshop in Santa Cruz, CA.

How I used to sign my name in High School.

A rally in Santa Cruz, CA.

Symbols meaning "Peace" and "World Peace" by THOTH, from "The Festad".

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